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Re: Powerless steering. :(

Originally Posted by Mike_The_Grad View Post
Firstowner69, two comments for ya. First, damn that is one nice setup you posted. If it's yours, very nice.
Secondly, that setup appears to have the hoses bent at a "flatter" angle relative to the alternator/generator and exhaust manifold. Which is giving me some ideas and insight into my issue. Thanks for posting that picture it truly is helpful. I'm reminded that the pressure line is just tubing prebent by the manufacturer and can be modified accordingly if necessary. I do have various benders to use. Much appreciated.
It is mine. Thanks for the kind words.

Here is a picture from a different angle after the front clip was on. If I recall correctly, the pressure hose is an Edelmann as seen in this Rock Auto link.,7320
It almost looks like you may have the wrong end of yours attached to the gearbox.
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