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Re: Powerless steering. :(

I hear ya firstowner69, but the power steering line has 2 different sized tube nuts. The gear side has an 11/16" tube nut and the pump side has a 5/8" tube nut.
It took me a lot longer than I expected to replace the line. I ended up wrapping the #1 cylinder exhaust tube with some moroso exhaust header wrap. It came out pretty nice considering that I didnt do the "easy way" of taking the header out of the truck. I also wrapped both lines with a piece of radiator hose. And made a sleeve type shield out of a beer can and secured it with stainless locking ties. Lo tech but should work better than the other things I've tried. I also put in a small bottle of Lucas power steering conditioner. Being that I have run the pump dry twice in the last week. It drove great today after I had issues with the fluid foaming and having to keep adding fluid to the reservoir for the first few minutes. After about 10 minutes of idling and turning the front wheels stop-to-stop a whole bunch. It drives and sounds like it never happened. so thank you all for your comments on my issue.
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