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Re: Bob's Retirement Build - My '55 TF

My original grille really fit badly, and I convinced myself that I'd never get it in without ripping up the paint., I went to a billet grille. No good deed is left unpunished, so then the three pockets in the lower grille bar that used to match up to the vertical grille bars were twice as big and looked like, well, three big holes in the lower grille bar. So I made fillers for the holes, as shown below. I'll weld them in and finish them tomorrow.

EDIT: Well, this looks like another stupid move. I just looked at my buddy's '57 3100. It appears that its grille bar doesn't have the pockets. More punishment...
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Bob's Retirement Build - My 55 TF
Bob's 700R4 Build (how-to)

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