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Re: cluster pin help

Hi John,

The 1978 - 1987 (and 88/89 R/V series) gauge clusters use pin #2 as the power feed for the cluster illumination bulbs. Most of them ground through pin #10. There are one or two that ground through pin #3. But if you wire in your own LED strips you can use either ground.

If you go with LEDs that are plug-in replacements for 194 bulbs you can put them in the original sockets but you'll want to follow the traces on the printed circuit back to the connector socket to see which side is power vs. ground so you can orient the LEDs for the correct polarity.

With the cluster oriented as shown in your 1st photo, pin #1 is in the upper right corner. The pins are numbered 1 through 9 down that side. Then pin #10 is in the lower left corner and the pins go #10 to #18 going up that side.
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