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Re: In Lieu of the Hood Brace Pads?

Originally Posted by turp mcspray View Post
Don't glue the braces to the skin. When the hood skin warms in the sun, it expands. Where it is glued to the braces, it will not, and be low spot, looking like a dent. I use the hood bracing material. And bend the braces as necessary, if the gap is too large.
I would like to hear more about the bending techniques please. I imagine twisting or torqueing the rear brace and/or the rear skin while trying to equalize the brace to hood spacing. I have thought about blocking up the hood at the rear and along the front and pushing down on the braces so that the larger gap at the rear could be reduced, but I think the rear brace would want to twist as well.

My real fear is that, typically, when I put my weight into a body panel to "fix it"...It ends up getting worse rather than better.
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