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Re: What to do with hole where Heater Control was located

I may do a radio delete with a hard wood piece, but I will also be adding wood panels to the doors and glove box, maybe even the gage cluster so it would fit my build.

An alternative solution would be to cut out a steel/aluminum/plastic panel and mount some extra mini gages in it like vaccum, trans temp, outside temp, clock etc. There's got to be a "Radio Delete Gage Panel" that cold be fitted to that heater hole.

If our looking for something on the cheap...a simple rectangular cut out of aluminum (painted or not), sheet metal (painted), or plastic and some buttonhead bolts, nuts and washers and you have filled the hole. All of which could have USB, Radio Aux, or accessory switches added to it.

Just some thoughts that you might be able to spring board off of.
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