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Re: How strong is the frame?

I'm not looking at swapping frames per say. I am looking into installing a gooseneck hitch. I can't find anywhere that somebody has a gooseneck on a C20. Only the k20 trucks. But I found that post that said C20 are stronger so I was curious if that was true. I will probably have to build my own hitch no matter what.

My towing needs are a two car gooseneck flatbed. It will be hauling Derby cars all over the state. I have a bumper pull single car trailer now. I know the truck can do it, i have pulled heavy loads before with it, just trying to figure out how to make a hitch for this truck. I have all the brakes updated, have the disc up front and it will have trailer brakes soon. Not worried about the capacity of towing, worried about how to get a gooseneck hitch installed that won't come off and kill someone.
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