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Re: tuba trucks

Originally Posted by 67cheby View Post
well, I hope it was at least a nice drive ! LOL
it was a fun drive and a little bit scary. with all the rain, there was a bunch of missing road and washouts to avoid but fortunately no banjo music. so that was good.

Originally Posted by Ta2Don View Post
Cool Pics
the guy had 2 really nice trucks but not for sale. one a jacked up K-10 and the other a big window 65. he was selling just the dregs.

Originally Posted by mjh1965 View Post
Clem I hope you kept the destinations of some of these great places so me and Rian can take a look when we are over
we're planning on visiting a very fine wrecking yard... full of trucks. either early saturday or sunday. should be interesting...

Originally Posted by Grizz1963 View Post
Isn't it funny.......

How we get excited about wrecks, up to their axles in mud and roots.

Nice at,ops heroic type pics Clem.
it is fun to lift the hood on a old truck, check out the interior, the bed... see whats left and try to figure out what kind of life it had. most around here were hard working trucks and pretty beat up. but theres a few diamonds out there.

gonna dedicate this weekend to taking pics of the projects. will post up soon.
and thanks guys. i do appreciate it.
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