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Re: Should I Run Exhaust Manifold Gaskets?

Originally Posted by CSTGURU View Post
Small block chevs never ever had exhaust manifold-to-head gaskets ever. always direct metal to metal. They will never leak that way, its for sure the way GM did it. pull any low mile still original car or truck apart, and you will see no gaskets. even my 91 truck is metal to metal. and all my 1960's gm cars and trucks were too, and still are.
If you use those felpro or other gasket kit gaskets, they will blow, its only a matter of time.

Now if you are talking about a straight 6, they yes, there was a gasket.

Just my 2 cents, dont shoot my if you disagree.
I won’t shoot you. I agree. I’ve been waiting for someone to say it

I’ve never run gaskets with ram horn manifolds, other than a solid steel donut between the head pipe. Make sure all surfaces are flat. I’ve never had any leaks. I just make sure everything is right periodically.
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