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Re: Should I Run Exhaust Manifold Gaskets?

Originally Posted by stsalvage View Post
Headers are completely different animal Steel to cast iron.You can Plain cast iron Never seen it done on steel.But if there is a blah blah blah
Save your breath. I appreciate the education but who doesn't know all that? I was just saying that although the best, right, or GM way is iron to iron using gaskets will not hurt a thing, is a good idea, especially if you don't have that special sander or the time to send them out. I hear there are people with piles on manifolds laying around just because they have no way to plane them. I'm saying it makes sense to me to go ahead and sell them to people who have enough sense to so simply run gaskets...quality gaskets. They work. Yeah, one might get loose and burn out. But it's no big deal to fix that. And there are cases where the exhaust has sawn through the cast when less than snug. What do you do then? Too late for gaskets. I'd rather blow a gasket.
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