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Re: Rear flip kit 77 big10

Originally Posted by SCOTI View Post
The quantity of springs directly affects the amount of drop.

HD spring packs (8-leafs) will yield more drop vs. standard/Lt. duty set-ups (4-5 leafs).
The HD main spring with bushing is 56" vs standard/lt. duty main spring which is 52" (basically eyelet to eyelet). A new spring will have more arch in it and be stiffer. If I were to have used my original HD springs I would have had to C-Notch the frame. When I went to a brand new leaf spring pack (8leafts not counting the overload spring), the distance between the bottom of the frame and the top of the spring increased. More springs the stiffer, yes; however, the older and more worn out, less stiff and less arch.

Just my two cents.

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