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Re: Suburban K20 1986 Silverado

Originally Posted by Clyde65 View Post
Ok, forgive me but why do alot of folks buy trucks here and ship them over to Germany and the Netherlands and other places in Europe? I can completely understand why someone wants one of these old trucks, but shipping it all that way must be expensive and rough on the nerves.
wel...shipping is indeed kinda pricey! but if a car drove around in california for 25 year, it probably is still hard as a rock. Same with my car.

Bought it for 5950,-Euros .It had just arrived from America, California,. Already did 7.000,- worth of modifications and maintenance on it and I love it!

It has only 115.000 miles on it and we hope to drive it for at least 5-10 years...

You dont get so much car in Europe for this price And all cars in Europe are either SMALLLLLLL of UNAFFARDABLE!

For example I drive a Audi A3 Sportsback for work. Costs 32.000,- delivered to the customer.
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