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Re: thinking about getting this in the morning

Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post

Now after all that, new tires, etc, would you go and add a lift?!?

I'll agree with Timber....probably going to have to increase tire size.

Of course, I did the same thing. Sold the 35" mud terrain tires and put on 33" all terrains because I was thinking the girls (my kids) would be driving it to school and the smaller tires would be more manageable. I even took the lift off (2.5") and tried to go to stock.

After all that work, my wife and kids said "Dad, it looks kinda wimpy now. Liked it before I touched it." Great.....that was nice to hear!

So I switched it back to the lift (lets just say that was a long weekend!) Finally back to 33's and 2.5" lift. It just bugged me and didn't look proportional. Finally got fed up and sold the 33's and bought the 35's. It just looks better now. And no rubbing!
it only came up an inch in the back because it had an add a leaf back there before but it brought the front up 2.5 inches and straightened out the driveline so no more vibration on acceleration! drives great now
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