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Re: 78 2wd Blazer - LS Swap and more..

Originally Posted by Dads79GMC View Post
I would like to know specifics on the speedo and tach. Thought you mentioned you purchased the smaller ones, not five inch?? Did you direct wire all the gauges?

Thanks Mike
Yes I started with the 3 3/8" or so gauges. I didn't want a needle as long as what comes on the 5". However the movements are the same. After pulling the housings apart, I pulled the needles and the movements. After that I created my own faces and then mounted them into the factory housing. This did require hacking away quite a bit of the factory housing. The toughest part really was reinstalling the ODO/Trip reset rod. I had to lengthen it and I ended up using a ballpoint pen ink rod to do that.

After that I used HP tuners to line up the RPM needle and then played with the Speedo needle to get it on the correct spot.
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