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Re: 78 2wd Blazer - LS Swap and more..

Okay so after doing a ton of research on the upper door seals, I decided I wanted to add them. The wind noise in our Blazer really wasn't bad at all with all new strips and new vent window seals. However, it gets so hot here in the summer, and we plan to take this thing across the desert quite a bit, so we thought what the hell, let's give them a shot.

I was initially worried the door would be harder to close as we bought these from LMC and not from Soffseal. However, after getting them glued and screwed in they door closes the exact same as before! Seal butts up nice and firm against the upper body and looks like it should help out.

I had called the guys at Precision and they were adamant about not adding these to a truck that didn't come with them because we'd have to drill holes in the doors. I was thinking, "man, you should see all the holes I've drilled and filled over the years.." Ha-ha.

Here are some pics of the seals installed. Also yes, I plan to go back and fix all the other pictures in this thread, however at the moment I'm waiting for a friend to finish up a pic server. Once he does I'll get them updated.

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