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When I drove this truck for the first time I crawled under it, in a suit none the less, and looked for the common rust issues. All I saw was a little rust under the driver side door, some surface rust under the floor mat and I figured I should be so lucky! Well we all can see that changed in a hurry. I found a deposit of bondo on the driver cab corner, some cancer on the passenger door and that the metal below the passenger door was held together by paint, so much for surface rust. Apparently the only thing trim is good for is falling off, collecting sand and holding moisture. Upon closer inspection after the trim was off this truck you could see it was painted with a brush over the original paint, I just thought it was old and who knows what is under that! I see plenty of body work in the future and allot of little holes to fill. I am not going to focus on the body now; I can drive a truck with “patina” for a while as long as it doesn’t disintegrate on me going down the road. During this entire process I don’t want the truck to be down more than a few days.
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