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Re: "TANGERINE" (C20 to K10) (LWB to SWB) (CST/MOD) (5.3)

Originally Posted by fakerwade View Post
Mike, thanks and welcome,,,,, I've actually been watching your 69 project,,,,Dude your exhaust work is over the top SICK!!! That's some pretty mad skills on the whole build.

The truth is I took the Yukon apart last year in anticipation of this build, then I found out the repair shop I work for was going to move. I didn't want my part's spread all over and lost so I put the build on hold till we got settled, in our new digs. I started back up again a couple of months ago, and then found this site ( I sincerely apologize for my ignorance) and I just kinda sat back and watched and learned how this site works. So now I'm trying to lay out what I've done so far. Thanks again for the encouraging input.
Thanks Wade for the nice words. I try to learn something new every day on this site. I would love to have access to a BIGGER shop. I'm squeezed in a 900ft. shop. It's my own fault I should have just borrowed the money and built it big enough the first time instead of paying cash.
Looking forward to updates.
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