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Re: "TANGERINE" (C20 to K10) (LWB to SWB) (CST/MOD) (5.3)

Have you checked out the wheel base and frame rail height?
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Hey 68 TT, Awesome job on .45 ACP, I didn't realize you were in Spokane.
Yeah I checked the wheel base before I bought the Yukon. A friend of mine who is really big into these trucks told me the wheel base on a shortbox is 115 inches. When I told him the wheelbase on the Yukon was 116 inches he got pretty excited, he said a lot of guy's move their rear axle back an inch to make it look better in the wheel well. As it sits I have 6 feet 4 inches from the back of the cab to the front of the rear bumper,,,so it should turn out well. The dip in the frame rail (where the cab sits) worried me. The frame rails on the 67 to 72 trucks are pretty flat (not much dip). That's why I went with the Yukon over a newer shortbox pick up frame, less dip (flatter). It looks like it should all work out. Here's some more angles. Thanks

Build thread "TANGERINE"

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