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Re: Another update...

Originally Posted by C10Coloradoguy View Post
So the hazard fuse was blowing because I had the knob pushed in so the hazards were "on". I pulled out the knob to turn the hazards "off", reconnected the battery and the hazard fuse held. I turned the key to the first position to test the turn signal and when I pushed up on the lever for a right turn signal, the Turn Signal fuse popped. I checked both flashers and I think they're ok but I'm not sure. Going to start tracing wires again.
Your hazard fuse was blowing because the short in the right turn light wiring was connected through the hazard lights when it was pushed in.
Pull the steering column plug and check the purple wire for continuity to ground
zero ohms. key off, you don't want power on these wires.

You probably won't see zero ohms there.

Now check it on the steering column side between purple and ground or what ever color matches the purple wire from the fuse panel.

First with the signal lever in no turn and then in right and left turn.
You shouldn't see zero ohms in either position unless the short is in the wiring in the column. This check isolates the steering column harness from the rest of the truck.

If you don't see zero ohms then check the right turn wire in the harness to the right turn lights. You will probably get zero ohms which means the right turn light wires or one of the lights is shorted to ground. This includes the signal indicator lights in the dash.
If you can get to it I would unplug the cluster plug to isolate the indicator lights if you get zero ohms on the right turn light wire.

The right turn light wire for the rear is dark green and for the front and the indicator it is dark blue.

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