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Rebuilding my 1977 plow truck

this is a project that has been going on for about year. I have owned this truck since 1983. Since I have owned it I replaced the body once(1989) and had it repainted with new panels once(1992). It has been getting really bad in the last few years as far as rust and just falling apart.
So I had to make a decision to either replace the truck or fix it one more time. I had bought a different cab from a friend of mine to replace this one but had not been able to find a box for it. The cab I had purchased was ok but it had had some of the panels replaced already and I wasn't sure of the quality of work that had been performed. I knew after last plowing season that I was going to do something because it was coming unglued so bad that there was no way it would make it much longer. So I was on the look out for either a parts truck with a solid body or a good box. I wanted to stay with the round head light front. So I was at the local swap meet and I came across a 82 chevy 1/2 ton 2 whl drive from Georgia. It is pretty rust free and has no engine/trans.
So this is the story on redoing my old friend for the last time, any one interested? Here are pics of the truck before I start.
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