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Re: Rebuilding my 1977 plow truck

So with the cab mounted on the rotisserie we start repairing the bad spots that I found while looking at it. The most obvious spots are the one at the drivers side cab corner and the one on the top of the drivers side rocker. The one on the rocker must of had something laying on it and holding water. The strangest spot was the one at the bottom of the rear window. I didn't see it until I pulled the glass and rubber off. It didn't have anything that should have caused it to get rusty there, so my thought was it probably had the glass changed at one time and they scraped a bit of the paint off. Who knows.
So with rear window I had to figure out how I was going to repair it because of the tight bends in that section. so here is a few pics of the rusty spots and the repairs to them.
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