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Re: Rebuilding my 1977 plow truck

Moving right along. it was time finally to start going forward with the body work. As most of you know square body trucks have a lot of closed areas and seams for all that nice salt and whatever else they decide to spread on the roads these days. So I decided I was going to do my best to stop or at least majorly slow down the process. So what I did was start by spraying the cab with an epoxy primer. I sprayed the bottom, outside and inside the cab. Then I seam sealed every seam, edge and made plates to close in the rear of the rockers. Then I poured por15 into every cab body crossmember, body mount and rocker. I kept rotating the body on the rotisserie until I had por15 running out any holes or any of the seams that were not completely sealed. It did make a bit of a mess on the shop floor but I wanted to make sure I had everything coated. I then used a product called Lizard skin on the floor under the cab and inside the cab. I had decided a while back that I wasn't going to run carpet or mats in this cab to hopefully keep the floors dry, even after getting in with wet boots I can just wipe the water up with a towel. The black is the lizard skin which is a ceramic product, there is a heat product and a sound product. I used both in this project and all of the other ones I have done.
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