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Re: New faded paint?

As a paint supplier for many years, I can tell you that what you are asking for is near impossible.

If you try to use a flattener in your clear, you will end up paying a lot of money to experiment (very hard to produce a perfect result) and/or have a professional paint it, and then you will have a paint job that looks shiny in places when you you rub it or wash it with a wash mitt making your flat paint job look like crap.

It took 50 years to make that paint look like it is today... if you want original looking paint, it was shiny. If you polished faded paint, it would shine like new.

If you want a truck that looks like it's 50 years old without shiny paint, get a gallon of white Rustoleum and a roller... you'll have a paint job that looks like it's 50 years old but will look like you painted it with a roller.

In other words, you're asking for something that doesn't exist. You are asking for fake patina... "fauxtina"... every single one looks fake... gross in my opinion.

Billions of dollars have been invested by the paint companies to make shiny paint for a reason.
So when is this "Old enough to know better" supposed to kick in?

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