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1962 Viking or Spartan find

A couple of months ago I had a day off work and I had to make a run to the local landfill. I wanted to do it on a week day because with the covid going on, everyone goes to the landfill on Saturday and the line to get in would be 4 hours long. I took my 2yr old daughter, Ivvy, and my now 7yr old son, Colt, with me. On our way back Colt was telling me he wished we could find him a cool old car because you know his older brother Clint already has a Camaro, Dad. I told him I knew where some old trucks were and asked if he wanted to drive by and see them. He screamed yes and jumped up in the seat and started clapping his hands.

I turned around and headed back. I have known about these 2 trucks for years. I never stopped to see if they were for sale because I hate to not have the extra cash if a person says yes it is for sale. We were driving down the road and I pointed the first truck out. He was looking with excitement but couldn't tell what it was. We pulled in the drive way and the old farmer was home.

He had a guest so I just pulled up and shut the truck off. I just listened to what they were chatting about and waited patiently. The shorter of the 2 men asked how he could help me and I told him I had been eyeing his old trucks for years and I had a son that would love to have his own project. He said they were really rough and he didn't know if they were worth messing with. He said go on out and look at them and then come back and talk to me.

We went behind his shop and there the first truck sat. This truck is I believe a 1962. It has Spartan emblems but enthusiasts say it really is a Viking since Spartans were a much heavier truck and this is not. It also had IFS with torsion springs and an aftermarket helper spring pack under the engine cross member. It is really unfortunate that it is so rusty and there is no title for it. It got parted out and I cut the front off for wall art. I also cut the back of the cab off and kept the doors. Here comes the best part of this deal. I pop the hood and it has a big block in it, and it is not a tall deck! I figured, sweet! This won't be cheap! There also is a 60-68 C800 Dodge there we got an d I'll post it in the alt tinkerings area.

We go in to the old man's shop and he asks us what we thought. Colt immediately says well, they're alright, but that red one is junk. I asked the man what he thought he would want for them and he said if we had to have them, as long as the young man would learn something from them, we could buy the red one since he thought the engine may be worth something. But, we had to take both of them.

I don't really have a place for them so I spoke with my Dad and he said I could bring the red one to his place first and part it out. Then bring the white one home. So currently I got the chevy parted out and gone so I can bring the white one to Dad's place.

Now the story gets better. The next day after we looked at the trucks I took my friend over to look at a 1975 Pontiac. It turned out to be a huge rot box so he passed on it. He wanted to go decode the engines in the trucks for fun. I told him I doubted either one had anything special. The Dodge has a 413 or 426 wedge so far from what we can break down. The Chevy is the cherry here. He started cleaning off the rh deck edge and then he starts messing with his phone. He drops his head and tells me he really hates me right now. I told him stop it. It wasn't anything cool. He says BS, shows me his phone and it says the suzzix code is CKN. CKN equates to a 1970 Chevelle LS3 330hp 402. I couldn't believe it. It actually is something cool. Granted it isn't a LS6 454 chevelle engine but it beats a smog 454.

After doing some research, the exhaust manifolds and carb are the same as LS5 engines and worth some decent money. Currently I'm cleaning the engine and parts getting ready to market it. The engine did get moisture in 1 and 2 but I put marvel mystery oil in it and got it turning before I removed the engine.

All in all a pretty good find so far.
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