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That S10 4 speed tranny just might be a T5.

This is just a heads up alert for you folks out there searching salvage yards for an S10 T5 with a cable speedo connection.

S10 trucks sometimes had 4 speed transmissions. Some were Borg Warner T4s. It's rather interesting, but apparently Borg Warner but T4 guts inside of T5 cases, at least some of the time. In July I bought a T4 (Tag 1351-120) because as I inspected it, I noticed the outside looked EXACTLY like a T5. It had the bulge on the tail stock for a 5th gear and a cable speedo connection. See photos.

The guts aren't worth anything to me but the tail stock and case lid are worth 3X what I paid. The 4 speed shifter guide plate can be tapped out and a 5 speed guide plate put in its place.

So next time you walk past a 1988 or earlier S10/S15/Sonoma truck with a 4 speed MT, take a second look. You just might find something valuable.

Link to pics on my BLOG - See 11/7/15 post.
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