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64 C20 Build Suggestions

Hi everyone, I have a 64 C-20 that I want to bag and lay frame with, but I also want to tow my 26 foot enclosed trailer (5000 lbs) with it. The thing is I bought it for $500 and the body (it is rough and will be left that way, I prefer calling it Vintage) had been put on a 73-87 3/4 ton 2wd frame. Which does not fit very well by the way. I also have a 85 half ton 2wd frame. Can the 3/4 ton frame be bagged the same as a 1/2 ton?
Items I have available for build.
1. 73-87 3/4 ton frame with 14 bolt not sure on ratio
2. 85 1/2 ton frame with 12 bolt not sure on ratio 5 lug pattern
3. 1968 Cadillac 472 with its Turbo 400
4. 1967 350 and 350 Turbo or Saginaw 4 speed
5. 1978 350 and 350 Turbo
6. 1978 12 bolt with 6 lug wheel pattern and 3:08 ratio
Ideas I have.
1. 3/4 ton frame Z front, 2-link rear w/panhard to law frame with 350 and 14 bolt rear Dominator 2600 bags all around. The 14 bolt would be geared to low for 472.
2. This is the way I am leaning, 1/2 ton frame Z front 2-link /panhard with Dominator 2600 bags all the way around and 12 bolt 3:08 ratio 6 lug rear end with the 472/Turbo 400.
I want to keep it beefy enough to haul the trailer with and lay frame for the cool factor.
Any ideas or suggestions and bag sizes and build ideas would be appreciated.
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