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Re: Truck Images Circa 1930

Originally Posted by truckeez View Post
Well besides the fact that she never got the opportunity to ride a electric trolly, whatever formed the memes in her head I doubt anyone could figure that one out.
She was born and raised in a rural area between Houston and north tx, and grandpa moved them to Houston when she was around 12.
New Orlenes and san francisco is the only places that managed to keep electric trollies that i know of.
I found this interesting. Iím originally from N.E. Oklahoma and after college I moved to Sherman Texas for employment and have lived in the area for the last 31 years. What rural area was you mother from? I ask because the beginning of the interurban electric (DC) trolley system in Texas actually started in the Denison/Sherman area. Here is a link to a brief history lesson of the Texas interurban railway system. I also found it interesting the automobile being blamed for the systems ultimate demise in the text as it supports your motherís attitude of GM.
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