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Re: What's a good power disc brake kit?

What I think, and what I do on a vehicle like mine... a basic cruiser that's not custom. Keep it all the same year. That way you can say, all my brake parts are off an 19xx. You won't believe how much crap you've done that you will forget in a couple years. When I look at my heap, at least I can say all my running gear and brakes are off a 1985 SRW 1ton.. that includes the hydroboost and master.

I would do this, collect all used parts from junkyard. Then put them on. Get the basic system running then re-pull the components and rebuild as needed. I did that with my hydroboost and master. Still running the junkyard master and booster! I will pull and rebuild both when I re-route my hydro lines. I assemble for a baseline. But hey, sometimes you get lucky and can take a brake between assembly and making the system like new. Saves bucks too... it you're into that.

Bottom line, I would go GM and try to keep it all off the same year... it's the easy button.

Let me give you an example. I just bought the exact Qjet correct for my truck. It probably needs to be rebuild. But, here's what I'll do. I'll spray the crap out of it, stick it on an see if it runs... if so I might run it awhile, then I'll pull it and rebuild and make it nice. I like to see exactly what I'm dealing with whenever possible.

Good luck!
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