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Re: What's a good power disc brake kit?

Drummer, I think he (Bcowanwheels) was suggesting that you simply upgrade to power drums by just ordering a booster and a new MC.
I have the stock power brakes and I haul massive loads and in 20 years with this current '69 I have been very confident stopping in any conditions. Discs would be nice but for me just not a priority at all. -BA
'69 GMC C2500 Custom Camper, 8 1/2' bed (same as Chevy "Longhorn"), 350 ci. mild RV cam, NP 435 CR 4spd. Trans., 3.73 Dana-60 open.Camper and Trailer wiring, PS, PB, AC, tach , three gas tanks, 2nd owner, Work-Truck supreme. Best $300 I ever spent.
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