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Re: Loose Rocker Arm

Originally Posted by siggyfreud View Post
....., you adjust the rockers to their proper tightness, then crank down on the inner lock, and then do 1/4 or 1/2 turn on the outer nut. This locks them into the proper tightness.
That's a receipie for a broken rocker stud. DON'T DO THAT!!! The stress it puts on the threads, along with the hammering of the cam on a stiff valve spring.... The stud will snap right at the bottom of the nut..

Like 68post suggests,,, set the preload and set the polylock with a allen wrench WITHOUT TURNING THE ADJUSTMENT.

And I agree, cut your oil filter open and see if it's loaded with cam debris. If so,, just get yourself a hoist and get started plling the motor. Bearings are trashed, oil annuluis are all full of debris.. If you just change the cam, you just eat it up wit hthe ground metal in the engine. Bearings are soon to follow.
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