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Re: Trying to get one rolling again...

Originally Posted by raidmagic View Post
Washing your clothes at the river on a rock works too but I bet you have a washing machine.
These old 6 cylinder engines don't need a 70,000 volt spark to run correctly. The only difference between an electronic ignition and points is the points require maintenance/replacement every 25,000 miles.
It wont make a 6 cylinder truck run any better, in fact, it may run slower than an old points distributor because when HEI came out in the mid 70's, they needed to chop the timing curve a bit to comply with smog laws.
Chopped timing= less power.
Now if you have a performance motor that turns over 6000RPM, it's a different story.
I work with automotive electronics all day, so for me, it's a joy having a vehicle with NO electronics.
As far as the OP is concerned, they never made an HEI 235, so he may be out of luck, but there may be some trick I don't know. There's always Pertronix.
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