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Re: big block springs vs sb spring

Check with e.c.e. They asked me some questions when i purchased my front springs about 7 years ago. I didn't take measurements before i put my 5.3 in my 68 to note the difference but i had a sagging front corner and call e.c.e. and they had me measure to verify and they sent a replacement. My springs are for a sb and non-ac and i feel the front end is up maybe 3/4" but i made custom motor mount brackets to put the ls as far to the rear as possible.

I know the engine weights have been listed, but if i was to replace them again i would consider 6cyl non=ac springs. I would be curious to know your truck front end measurement. E.C.E. had me measure from the fender wheel lip down to the center of the hub (imagine a string line hanging along side the wheel lip and down to the center of the dust cap) This is the best way because if you think about it tire height doesn't change the measurement. Obviously if your truck had 15" stock tires and went to tall 20" tires on the front only the front end would be up a lot and weight would shift to the rear, changing this measurement. Good luck!!
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