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Re: Retro-Tech- 77

Originally Posted by nerphin View Post
....Do you know what headlights and driving lights you are going to use?
I plan to use the 7" conversion headlights sold by "Round Eye" (Pic below)
Originally Posted by LiveAnimals View Post
....That grill is awesome, as well as the rest of the truck
What about that COOL "1-year only" yellow trim that the '77 model trucks are famous for?
The trim stays intact. I will be using that as an accent color on others areas, possibly under the hood.
Originally Posted by KMK454 View Post
The grill looks awesome, but I prefer the 77-78 style grills.
Yeah, I know but you are biased. Great to see you back again, and thanks for keeping us safe.
Originally Posted by f.monroe View Post
Any more details Ken? I see the sponsors . Grille , air ride, etc. but it looks like new wheels are in the works . Salt flat style? Something like Hazels' rollers? Come on man!
I am also curious about the trim. I know you are sitting on a black NOS trim set . Sounds like you have been a busy little planner.
I have been slowly working on this for a while. I have a full set of renderings, but some of the changes are still undecided. The wheels are not set yet, but I do look the retro looks with gray centers to match the gray grill and headlight surround.

I truly appreciate all the kind words and compliments. My truck is clean, but it could use a good refreshing, so I decided to take it a step further. All of the external changes will be "bolt on". I plan to keep all of the original parts in the event that I ever want to reverse the process.

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