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Originally Posted by N2TRUX View Post
....I haven't been pleased with the communication I have gotten from Chris Coddington.
I recently found out why Chris Coddington stopped calling me on this project. It seems that he was let go from the company. I have no idea how you get fired from a company that your are part owners of, especially when the other owners are your brothers.
Originally Posted by menace121978 View Post
.....your future mods are things i have been considering and pondering over for the last few years. its going to be sweet to see everything come together and it'll make my decisions a lot easier when the time comes.

keep plugging away... you have given me some much needed motivation for Silver! i apprieciate that
I'm pleased that my truck provides inspiration to others. I have contemplated many changes for several years. Any time I mention them, the common response is "Why?". I had to convince myself that it was time to do something a little different. With the support of a few close friends, and a rendering by Joseph I was able to see my vision and decide to move forward.
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.... I can't wait to see where it goes next!! You are a cool dude by the way, answered alot of questions from me and you always provide constructive criticism without the flame.
I have been blessed with some great mentors in my life. I know now that they were very patient with me along the way. Out of respect to them and what they taught me, I try to offer the knowledge I have acquired in the same manner.
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