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Re: S10 Swap how to

Originally Posted by frankist View Post
Quick question -
If anyone has a picture of their cab on frame it would be very appreciative. Or if someone can check on their finished build whether or not the cab rest on a parallel line with respect to the frame. Thanks guys.
I'd like to share the mount design and dimensions I came up with. I put these together with advice I got from other builders on this forum (jeffs51chevy, av8tr33337 aka Bartman, 99toLife, and Skymangs) They're made primarily from 4x4 in. 11 GA tubing.

The front mount is placed 2 in. behind the oval hole on the frame, I can thank Bartman for that:

The center to center distance between the front and rear mounts on mine is 36-1/4 in.

I'm running 2 in. drop spindles on the front and 2 in. drop blocks in the back (started with 3 in. blocks but ended up with 2 in. blocks). That puts my running boards nearly level with a slight rake, about 1/2 in. to the rear. The front bumper sits 5-1/2 in. from the ground. Having driven it around I think that it is as low as I would want to go with a static drop.

With these swaps, getting the cab placed properly is critical. Once you know you've got the cab where you want it, getting the front clip, bed, and running boards in place is easy since they are placed off the cab.

There is no need to shell out $1,000+ for a conversion kit that really doesn't get you that far when this will get you the same distance for $100 or so in materials.

Downloadable PDFs which are a bit clearer are available at the following links:

From the top of the frame to the bottom of the cab floor support measures 4 in.

I ran an 11 GA 2x1 rectangular tubing between the two rear cab mounts and bolted to the bottom of the floor.

Of course more pics are in my build thread:
My 49 AD Build / S10 Chassis -- Thread -- Pictures -- S10 Conversion Mounts

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