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Re: '95 vs '96-'99 Stereo plug

Oh thanks. That's great. It's hit or miss with '95s I guess. So I already have the four speakers from the orig radio and I got the cable for between units. I should be good to go.

Only having AM/FM hsn't been so bad since we have a variety of good stations in my normal realm. Traveling and mountains can suck. But also, only the rear speakers worked all the time. The r/f might come on after driving a iittle longer and very rarely the l/f kicks in (maybe 3 times in 3 years) and it sounds pretty darn good. So this is going to be a nice change for sure.

Also, this was a police vehicle before me and they munged up the dash surround getting equipment out. And, the steering wheel has always had a bite out of it front side (of vehicle) at about high noon. Can't use cup holder (wah wah). I have good stuff to replace and can do all this in one easy session.

Next stop... seat improvement
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