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Re: Make it handle

Originally Posted by aggie91 View Post

OK, After reading thru you post (#1947), I have another approach I would like some advise on for my next build. I have a bunch of parts already just waiting to be used, so here is what I plan to put together. This would work for any '63-'72 truck since the suspensions are the same for those years...


Recessed the stock cross member up into the frame 1.5"
Porterbuilt Forward Lower arms (2013 versions)
Stock Upper Arms
Air Bags (could go to stock coil springs)
13" C4 Corvette Brakes on 2.5" drop spindles (from way2lo)
Upper Shock Mount relocated
Shocks - Would like to use Ridetech HQ series adjustable shocks, OR? (Don't have shocks yet)
1.25" Porterbuilt sway bar for the forward arms
No Limits Steering Rack Conversion Kit


Modify rear rails (like you did with JT) to lower the rear
Air Bags (could go to 2"-4" lower coil springs)
Pan Hard bar - From mount is extended and has multiple holes for setting height, keep it long so that it mounts to Passenger side Trailing Arm at the end, Mount has 3 locations to help set height and keep the bar parallel at ride height.
Sway Bar - Don't have this yet so I am open to suggestions, Price might be a deciding factor.
Brakes: 12" C4 Corvette single piston, with drum in hat parking brake.

At this point, I am planning some sort of 18" or 20" wheel/tire combination, just not sure on tire sizing for the front or rear, any suggestions?

I fully understand that the performance of the suspension with be limited, but at this point so is my driving The truck will mostly be a fun driver that I can daily if I want to, but there will be an Autocross event for fun (Good Guys, local events, etc...) from time to time...

What other low cost changes would you recommend to maximize what I have to work with already? Taller Upper Ball Joints, etc...

Any advise would be great, I have a bunch of parts that I want to use and only spend money (with in reason) on what I don't have on hand to build my next truck.
Karl, this is really similar to the #4 version of the JT (bags on all 4). Our plan with the JT was to see how far we could take a 'stock' based chassis. Looks like your plan has better brakes. While 'vette stuff works great on 'vettes, remember the a C4 weighed in at 3100 wet, with 50/50 balance. The OE 12" brake from a 73-87 has more potential brake torque than the vette parts, but they are heavier. Just FYI. Would be a fun driver.
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