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Re: Make it handle

Man, you guys are way more advanced than I am. I am working on my 87 short bed and really want to make it handle. My dream would new crossmembers, coilovers front and rear, big sways etc but I will never be able to afford that. One of my daily drivers is a supercharged newer Camaro with a bunch of suspension mods and I love it.

My 87 has CPP tubular uppers with Moog BJ's, completely rebuilt lower arms with 1" Belltech springs and I have a 1-3/8" sway bar that I have not installed yet. All of the other front suspension is brand new. The truck rides great in the front but HORRIBLE in the rear. Like really hard. I know it's an old truck and won't ride like a caddy but this is to the point where I think something is very wrong with the rear leafs or there is some kind of bind.

I've asked other people with squares if I could push down on their truck in the rear and I can move theirs up and down. If you try to push down on mine, it doesn't budge. I hate it.

Should I remove a leaf? Ii put new AC Delco rear "Stock replacement" shocks on the rear and it did not change it. I have Eibach 2" drop shackles on it now and they did not alter the ride at all.

I would love the Ridetech rear mono-leaf springs but at $800+ for them, I can't swing that.

Are there any other things I can do? Any donor trucks with the same leafs that I can make a "Bastard pack" out of that will ride better? A good 4 link rear coilover kit that doesn't require a frame c-notch?
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