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Re: 2WD C10 Modern/Performance Alignments

Originally Posted by BMERDOC View Post
Ok. I had time to tinker so after swapping the upper control arms side to side. Here are the results. I think this debunks the thought that the uppers can be swapped. Yes, the caster is excessive and could be brought to 8 or 9 degrees by adding about 9/16" to 5/8" thick shims to the rear but the camber is already positive and can't be remedied. Time to swap the uppers back and notch the lowers....
This quote is from post #74

It looks like the swapping the uppers gave you a gain of approximately 10. I could really use a 10 increase of caster since I am at -4 on both sides now. I just replaced all the suspension parts and perhaps the previous owners of the truck reversed the arms. Thanks for the detailed posting on this thread.
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