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Re: 46 pickemup in NJ "the Rebuild"

So not much of an update on my brakes other then I made some new lines to clean up the original crap I analized over for so long. With no heat in my garage, to many projects around the house, and some more back trouble that has kept me from crawling under the truck, things have been at a snails pace in the quest to get my brakes working.

I don't have any pics but I changed out all the rear lines eliminating the 2 thru frame fittings. Now I have only one line running from the master, to a prop valve, thru a residual valve, to a flex line, connected to a tee fitting mounted on the rear. and then the 2 lines acrosss the rear to the cylinders. Just like the factory does it. I think part of my problem was the thru frame fittings with the big cavities. I thought about getting new ones from Art Morrison that have the small hole all the way through, but they only make them 2 1/2" wide. And I need 2 3/4"

In other news, I read a thread over on the HAMB and it talked about using a quick uptake MC so I decided to give one a try. This is to compensate for the low drag calipers on the front. I ordered the one mentioned on the HAMB from NAPA and got it in 2 days. I soon found out the snout on that MC would not fit into the bore of a 7" booster. Sooooo, back to NAPA I went to get my money back! In all honesty I have know way of telling if I have low drag or non low drag calipers until I can get pressure back in the system so I can measure how much the pads pull back from the rotors. My calipers are just cheapo GM metrics I got with the Scott's kit.

Still wanting a new MC I ordered a new 1" bore Wilwood from Speedway. Only to open the box and see the holes in the MC don't line up with the reducer fittings. Is this right? Seems to me if i screw in the reducer fittings, the exit ports from the MC will be blocked off.

So if this Wilwwod MC is in fact defective I guess I will just toss in the 15/16 corvette MC I have, and see what happens. I know most guys say a 1" bore for disc/ drum, but I can't see how a 1/16th" would make a big difference. Man this crap is frustrating!!!!!!!
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