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Re: NP205 Issue

Originally Posted by kwmech View Post
Nope..totally normal. When you bolt on the adapter it will retain the bearing and center up the gear inside.

As far as 'being chained to a boulder' what does that imply??
Ok so I combined two trucks into one along with an ls swap. 4.8 LS with a cam, th400 with stock torque converter, and an np205. The motor itself runs great however it seems like something in the drive train is holding the truck back.

It does not coast as freely down a slight incline as both of the other trucks did before they were sacrificed. The drag increases gradually as the truck warms up and eventually reaches a point where the motor will stall when the trans is put in reverse and drive (reverse is worse for some reason). The pump on the th400 is whining a little, so I guess that could be it but it did that in the other truck before the swap.

Last time I drove it around the block it got so bad that the starter wasnt able to turn the motor over anymore even in park.

I have unbolted the torque converter and it slides back and forth with the required 1/8" space and spins easily.

I'm at the point where I'm tearing it back apart to see if I can find any evidence.
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