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Re: Alternator wiring problems

Originally Posted by chazdo2 View Post
I have a Delco Remy alternator. Here are the numbers on it 1101 490 120 5160 -neg. Its has a black four pin connector in the back of it with the battery post near it. Vette Vette gave me a perfect description on how to wire it. Problem the 4 wire connector pins are not labeled! The largest pin if this helps is closest to the batteryAttachment 1681411 alternator hot post. [
As you will see in the photos below, I really prefer to work in the regular forum rather than in PMs to help solve issues because, as I explained in our conversations, I can't post helpful pictures in PMs.

The most helpful thing for us, is to know as much detail as possible about what the problem is, and what the member has that he or she is working with. Posting pictures is very helpful in this regard.

Your pictures are of a CS style alternator and the large terminal is the S terminal, S stands for sensing. It is the end terminal of the four and they will run from left to right or right to left I.E. S F L P or P L F S. As you can see
the S terminal is on the end and the L terminal is two terminals over from it.
Just look at the pins and find the large terminal then the L terminal is two over from it. The other two are not used for 67 to 72 trucks unless you have installed the computer controlled Ls fuel injected engine.

Here are three pictures to help.

Name:  Alternator Pinout.jpg
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Name:  cs130dplug.jpg
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Name:  Cs144configure.jpg
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The F terminal is sometimes called the I terminal.

If the alternator is self exciting then it will not need any wires in the plugin to the alternator however I am not aware that there is a one-wire CS style alternator. There may very well be one on the market but I would still recommend using the plugin wiring harness with the resistor soldered in the L wire.

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