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After doing this upgrade, I am amazed at how much smoother the truck runs. I will never, ever go back to a points system again. The upgrade itself shouldn't take more than an hour or two if you have the right parts.

Parts you'll need:
- HEI Distributor and cap assembly (cap, rubber spacer and spring): I think mine was from a '77 Nova
- HEI coil: Auto parts store had mine listed as being for a '75 Camaro
- Ignition coil cover: I used a modified cap for a V8 motor b/c the local parts store couldn't locate the right part
- Pink 12 or 14 gauge multi-strand copper wire: Purchased from Home Depot. Listed as "red", but clearly it was pink.
- A couple of firewall terminal connectors...NAPA part number 725145. I bought 4 of them just in case I screwed up the first three
- A quality set of plug wires
- Random connectors: male spades, female spades and a loop/ring connector.
- Spark plugs (if you haven't changed in a while, might as well do it now...)

- Decent wrench/socket set
- Screwdriver(s)
- Good set of wire crimpers, wire cutters/strippers
- A multimeter is good for testing power to your lines
- A timing light is handy for tuning up afterwards

Getting started:

Some of the pictures you'll see are from two diff't engines, but the same truck. Don't let it distract you. The process is still the same, some of the original pictures didn't come out so great, so I had to substitute.

First, remove the ground wire from your battery terminal. Then remove the wires from your ignition coil and distributor. Unbolt and remove the ignition coil and the distributor entirely from the engine and remove them.
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