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Position the distributor cap loosely over the distributor housing. Line up one of the towers on the distributor cap so it makes contact with the metal part of the rotor. NOTE: This tower will become plug #1 in your firing order.

It doesn't matter which tower you use - think about where your wires will hook up and where your vacuum advance will point before making a choice. It's OK to spin the distributor if needed to mount the cap, just make sure you don't pull the distributor out of the hole and change the position of the rotor. Once you've got a tower touching the rotor, make sure the cap will seat (there should be 4 posts to hold it on). If the cap will seat in the position you've got it in and the rotor is still touching the tower, go ahead and secure the distributor cap.

It's safe to attach your plug wires. Start with tower #1. Run a wire from tower #1 to spark plug #1. From there, attach the wires clockwise from the dizzy cap to the plugs in the correct firing order - 1-5-3-6-2-4 (I believe V8 is counterclockwise, and obviously a diff't firing order).


With the cap in place, you should have a bowl in the top-middle of it. Your distributor cap should have come with a rubber spacer (looks like a washer) and a spring. Pop the spring and the washer into the center. Pictures of the hole and how to fill it:
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