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Next - and this is important - make a grounding strap to ground the coil to the distributor. To do this, take a small 3" piece of black wire and crimp a male spade-type connector on it. The spade end will insert into the hole between the red and yellow coil wires (see picture below). You may need to modify the spade connector to fit deeply enough in the hole. This is a really important step - I would attach the ground cable back to the battery for a minute and test the spade end with a multimeter to make sure it's providing a good ground.

Once you test to see that it's providing a good ground, crimp a small loop connector to the other end at fasten it to the coil housing as you see in the picture below.

Next, take the "hot in run" ignition wire that you're running from the firewall and crimp a female spade connector to it. Connect this wire to the tab for the red wire of the coil (under the dizzy cap ) like you see in the picture below. You may need to get a mirror to see the tab you're connecting to. IMPORTANT: This needs to go on TIGHT. If it falls off while the truck is running and grounds out, something is going to fry.
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