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Re: 68 GMC to a 2003 Tahoe chassis

For those of you still following this build, today I got the harness for the passenger O2 sensors moved to the inside of the frame rail and tucked out of the way. I then got the cab put back on the chassis so I could start making the measurements, but a big wind storm kicked up today which is supposed to last until tomorrow afternoon so I decided to leave it for now and pick up where I left off later in the week.

I did take some pics of the cab back on the chassis this evening. Moving the items off the frame rails and tucking them in really made a difference. I gained about and inch of drop on the cab alone from just moving those parts around. As you can see in the below pics there is only about 2" of frame rail visible below the door sills. So now I need to be careful, yes I can lower the cab another 2 inches or so, but I have to make sure that I have hood clearance to clear the LS intake. What I am going to do is assemble the front clip and install the hood and check to see just how much room I do or do not have and then adjust my plans from there.

I still need to take all the measurements of the cab on the frame and get that settled so I can have the best chance to get the fitment correct. Once I get that far it will add to the decision on the hood clearance. This is getting fun! This is the stuff I really like, solving problems...

Everyone have a great week! Stay tuned!
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