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Re: 68 GMC to a 2003 Tahoe chassis

Measure, measure, measure... Tonight guess what I got figured out! You are correct the measurements on the cab placement! I have also found a couple of items that are still in the way and are going to have to be moved. One is the exhaust hanger just in front of the muffler, and the rear assembly that holds the charcoal canister on the side of the gas tank. Both are in the way of the cab and will be moved enough to clear the cab.

I pulled the cab off again so I can start to fix those areas and so I can cut the Tahoe cab mounts and move them to their new homes. I took a picture tonight of the simple wood part I'm using to move the cab on and off. The 2X4 beam I used to support the Tahoe body was perfect for my needs, so I cut it to length, and then I bolted two 2X4 side plates onto the beam. It works great. It does not scratch the inner roof because it stays firmly in place, and it makes taking the cab off with just one person a very easy chore.

Stay tuned!
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