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Re: Reduced Engine Power Mode on '03 Burb

Originally Posted by LEEVON View Post
Question, do you trust your shop? Are they strong on diagnostics? Do they have GM software? If so, why not let them have a crack at it? It would require simply stating the problem and let them find the conclusion though, not directing the process...let them start from the top. We deal with issues like this all the time and they almost always get resolved. Fact is a GOOD driveability technician will make us all feel inadequate when it comes to diagnosing this issue.
Yes and no....They build lots of race engines and such and are pretty heavy into GM stuff. I do believe they have gm software, but not 100%. I'd take to a seller, but everything I read had people saying they did this and still had the issues after hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent, since reaching into thousand or more.

My shop said they have fought others as well. Their last suggestion was maybe flashing the computer, thinking maybe it's had the code so much that it just needs a flash to get cleared up. Right now it is mainly doing at startup, but it has happened while driving once or twice.

As far as trouble shooting it, they all seem to say can only test voltage while it's happening, which is needle in haystack thing.

So frustrating....
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