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1999 Chevy Malibu A/C Control Head Question

Alright guys, I know this is for the trucks, but my wife's A/C not working right. We've had this problem 4 times before. The A/C Control head on her 99 Malibu turns the A/C off on its own, fans still runs just the light in the button for the A/C goes off and shuts off the compressor. It went out when we purchased the car used, still had some warranty left. Went out again about a year later, $185 after that, all was good. About a 1 1/2 years later here we go again, $148 at another dealer. Wednesday while going down the highway the air was warm from the vents, looked down and the light was out. Here's a weird part, and this has happened with all of the control heads, you can push on the trim next to the a/c button it comes on again. Now I have taken these apart before in the attempt to repair them, but never find anything wrong. I just took this one apart and again no obivious issues, also looked to see why pressing on the trim turns it back on but there is nothing back there. I am frustated with this, this shouldn't be happening every year. I have spoken with two dealer service departments and they don't have any info about this issue, they say "you've got a short somewhere, you'll have to trace it out". I can understand their answer, but how do you trace it out when they have done such a good job of burying everything and why would pressing on the trim make it come back on? I have heard of some issues with the recirc button changing back to outside air (these do this too, just like when the fan knob is turned to off). I have had a similar issue with my 98 GMC, the a/c light would flicker on a off on the first one and comes on when the fan switch is off, this also brings the compressor on (I just make sure to turn the a/c button off when the fan is off. I am looking for anyone that has had similar problems or someone who might have some inside info. Thanks for listening to my rambling.
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