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Seat Belt Buckle Cover Removal

For those who want to remove a seat belt buckle cover to replace it, or remove the belts to dye them, here are the steps to do so:

1. Tools: Small flat screwdriver and butter knife

2. Insert the screwdriver between the cover and the buckle. You will notice a small plastic tab on the buckle cover that fits into a slot on the buckle.

3. With the screwdriver still in place, insert the butter knife between the buckle cover and buckle--along side the screwdriver. Once the butter knife is inserted, remove the screwdriver.

4. Next, insert the butter knife in the same position on the opposite side

5. Once the knife is in place between the plastic tab and the slot in the buckle that it fits into, begin to carefully pry the plastic cover out of the buckle with the screwdriver.

6. Keep prying slowly until you see the buckle come out about this far:

7. Next, take the screwdriver and repeat the process on the opposite side. BE CAREFUL not to let the plastic cover reseat itself back into the buckle, or you will have to repeat the previous steps.

8. Pry the second side out the same distance as the first side:

9. Once both plastic tabs of the buckle cover are free from the little slots in the buckle, pull apart.

10. You're done!

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